Should your child need to leave during Mass to use the toilet we ask parents to note the importance of ensuring that they accompany their child(ren) as entrances to the church, old and new halls and road are unsupervised. Inside St Anselm’s Church we reiterate the importance of keeping the back narthex (corridor of the church) and all aisles free of pushchairs and bags, allowing access to receive Communion/blessing, also in the event of an emergency. Upon arrival for Mass the garage next to the shop will be open for prams/scooters to be parked. We also stress the importance of bringing a holy book and NOT toys, puzzles, colouring books and pens, as we have   noted a number of children regularly sitting on the floor at the back of the church and the corridor, which is a major concern for health and safety according to the Diocesan’s policy in all parishes. If your child(ren) become restless we encourage families to use the prayer corner in the foyer area of the lower new hall and return to the church once your child has settled. We thank all our parishioners for their cooperation, help and support for maintaining a safe and welcoming environment here at St Anselm’s! Fr Will.