Caring Kitchen

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Caring Kitchen is our new initiative to provide a friendly place and caring environment to enjoy a home-made lunch. The service provides a sandwich, soup and cake to members of the community including anyone in the parish who would like to come along.

Caring Kitchen will run on the following Sundays:

14th & 28th January, 11th & 25th February, 11th & 25th March, 8th & 22nd April, 13th & 27th May, and 8th & 22nd July 2018 in the old hall (St Anselm’s Church, Balham High Road, SW17 7BS) from 12.00noon – 2.00pm.

For enquiries please contact


Our Objective

To Raise Funds for Caring Kitchen

Our Process 

We worked in two with just a small collection bucket with a Caring Kitchen Sticker on it and our beaming smiles.  We did two sessions with a short break in between and we worked from around 3pm to 5.15pm.  We mixed up our working groups so we experienced working with more than one person.  We chatted to people, telling them all about Caring Kitchen and gave them a reason to make a donation.  We spoke to people from all ‘walks of life’ and we encountered so many wonderful people.  There was a large banner on the wall in Sainsbury’s and we could point it out to people to show them that Sainsbury’s are supporting us by allowing us to fundraise in their supermarket.   

Shared Insights

At the end we all estimated what we thought we raised.

I am thrilled to state that we all completely UNDERESTIMATED the outcome of our successful fundraising efforts.

The Winner –  Bronwen was closest at £333.00 followed by Sacha with £310.00

Our estimations are below.

Heloise 273
Bron 333
Carolyn 302.74
Eve 250
Stefan 275
Alderic 300
Sacha 310
Magda 167
Oliver 260
Stella 215
William 225
Eloise 200
Ludwik 205
Lewis 262
Volker 180
Eddie 220


*****Millie and Lyra how did I miss you off the list – sorry girls!!! 



AND the TOTAL was a whopping £378.20  (not including £3.00 in old £1 coins + 10 cents in Euro + 5 US cents + 10 Canadian Cents)

£20.00 in 1 £20 note

£45.00 in £5 notes

£46.00 in £2 coins

£161.00 in £1 coins

£43.00 in 50 pence coins

£40.20 in 20 pence coins

£13.70 in 10 pence coins

£6.00 in 5 pence coins

£1.76 in 2 pence coins

£1.54 in 1 pence coins 


What were the other impacts we achieved….

I think this wonderful share / quote from Stella is a great summary“Magda had a wonderfully empowering experience on Saturday she shared her experience with family and friends enthusiastically . Showing our children practical ways to do their bit to ease social injustice”.

Thank You’s

Thank you to all the children – you embraced the brief and just jumped in, with amazing enthusiasm.  Thanks for your positive energy….it was obviously contagious.

Thanks to all the adults who supported the activity.  It is a busy supermarket and watching over the activities was great support and it was fabulous to have all your smiles too.

Photo Evidence

Enjoy the photos – below 


Please pass your thank you letters to Volker in the playground by Wednesday after school and we will pop them to Sainsbury’s.  Perhaps they will be added to one of the Notice Boards.  If you don’t have time to write a thank you letter, please ask a friend if you can sign their card too.


To be announced so Watch this Space

Our fundraising bucket shows our great logo and recognises our Parish


Working to put the logos on the buckets with the lovely Dorothy MacLean, Sainsbury’s HR


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