Parish Pastoral Council

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The Parish Pastoral Council is both a representative group, as well as a group representing some of the key ministries of the Parish. It meets five times  per year, February, May, July, October & November at 8pm in the upper new hall. It has been part of the parish life since its introduction in the wake of Vatican II in the 1970’s. It is a vibrant and powerful meeting place of ideas and support for the Parish Priest, where key items of parish growth and developments are discussed. Its members are part of an ongoing and fluid group who meet to push forward the ideas and challenges for the parish. An example of that is it is currently taking steps to make its presence more known in the life of the parish so that it can engage and renew its mission.

The Pastoral Council is concerned with all areas of Parish activity that allow parishioners to best live out the life of faith and Christian witness and deals with the Mission of the Church planningboth for the short and long term.

The Council is made up of:

• Parish Priest
• Parish Pastoral Assistant
• Chairman (appointed by the Parish Priest)
• Parish Administrator
• Parish Treasurer
• Coordinators of all pastoral concern

Many of the key developments over the years in this Parish have been formulated by the Parish Council and these include the building of the new halls, the disability access and the redecoration of the church and its environs. It is also a place where current issues are discussed and the many programmes and developments in our life of Ministry are formulated and acknowledged. Youth has been a constant concern for the PPC and the formation and development of the role of the Parish in Evangelisation is a key issue. For further detailed information the PPC minutes are available on the web and these give one a flavour of the purpose and the challenge that the PPC brings to parish life. It is grounded in prayer and service.

Suggestions for items to be put on the agenda are solicited from the parish by use of the suggestion box at the rear of the Church. A copy of both the agenda and minutes are published for the parish on the noticeboard and parish website.

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