Beechcroft Road Prayer Group

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We want, as investigators, to bene? t ourpatients and to avoid harm and undue risk.

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The House Group was started in the late 1980’s and was among a number of parish groups that were initiated by the (then) Assistant Priest. This policy was in line with the Church’s wish, expressed in the teaching of the Second Vatican Council (Vat II) and the document Christe Fidelis that the laity should be more actively involved in the life, mission and witness of the Catholic Church.

At the outset, the group was intended to operate on a Think, See and Act basis. By sharing our Faith by means of studying the Bible and Church documents, we would look at the parish and its life and decide on an activity that would enhance, support or develop the life of the local ecclesiastical community.

After a while, the group continued on a less structured basis, but continued to meet and study the Faith through reading a gospel, a document of Vat II, a papal encyclical or the Catechism of the Catholic Church or some other relevant document, and, by so doing, appreciate the Faith more deeply and put it into practice more strongly in our daily lives and thus help to Enhance the life of the parish and of the local community.

We meet on the third Tuesday of every monthly, and after an hour’s study and sharing of our Faith, we enjoy some refreshments and chat for half an hour or so. Once a year, usually in January, we have a house Mass followed by supper and conviviality.

We would welcome new members. If you are interested in joining us, please talk to one of the priests or contact Martine (Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays) on 020 8672 2179.

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